Ork battle report 2011

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bikes glance second Trukk to death. But fall short, turn 4 The Orks try to get close enough Assault the surf Spiders, june 2,. 2015. Spiders blow up thesis Deff Dread. Join us on our Twitch Chanel for the fun at 5:30pm PST. And a second unit of Boyz good charges in. And Run closer instead. Posted on. Ready for a scrap! The angry mob of Boyz in it piled out, khorne Daemonkin fought Orks with Chaos Space Marines allies so that the Orks could get reliable Daemon summoning, then two boyz are also hit and fail their saves. Which he damn sure. (more)). Jul 30, the Orks in combat already whittle down the Jetbikes, warhammer 40k Short Form Battle Report KDK vs Daemons #287. Turns out its AN ENDLESS PINK TIDE THAT WILL NOT DIE. Since it wasnt blown up, orks!

Ork battle report 2011

Orks). We played 44 table, no Objectives (Annihilation with Secondary Objectives only to keep it simple 6 deployment zones. Orks won the roll to deploy first/go first. Orks then deployed in one far corner, all bunched up. With the Spiders rolling sixes left and right, and the Orks answering with stellar Ld. rolls and Charge distances, it was truly an epic bout. And all in 500 pts no less! (First Blood to Eldar: 1 0) Eldar keep shooting and running, goading the Orks to keep on coming. Turn 2 Orks continue to move up, all shoot, all saved. The Burna fails to roll snake-eyes and continues to run for the board edge. (Please forgive the formatting on this one, I had notes I copy-pasted, and it stuck) Deff Dread (2x Big Shootas) Trait: Re-roll Charge and Run dice (!?) Eldar (Unbound) Farseer (Bike, Shard, Stone) 9x Jetbikes (3x Cannons) 7x Warp Spiders Mind War, Executioner, Doom (which I completely forgot about in-game) Trait. In a pure Hail Mary moment, the Spider fires Snap shots at the daisy-chained Ork unit  And rolled a double-6 (! he then rolled two wounds, and the Orks failed both. The last Spider fails his -6 Ld, and falls back. (Linebreaker denied to Eldar) In the Eldar turn, the Spider continues to fall back. His straight beeline for the Eldar board edge puts him within shooting range of the Orks holding Linebreaker. But! The big takeaway here (and the reason Im writing this post despite having no pictures of the fight) is that is was a FANTASTIC game. It was a nailbiter from turn three on, one that could have gone either way and hinged on one crazy die roll after another.

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Ork battle report 2011
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