Assign drive letter to portable hard drive

Change Drive Letter in Windows for an External USB Device

hard drives in his). Assign a drive letter to a Portable biography Device that does not currently show up in Disk Manager? (I ve used USBDLM in the past with one of my SD card army readers and had difficulty configuring it to assign the same drive letter.) but Windows (XP and 7)) just call it by its device name - i.e. My daughter managed to lose a bunch of voice recordings off her MP3 player. ACOMDATA Photon 2.5 40GB Portable USB 2.0 Hard Drive. In my case the drive is a Network. I want to run some file recovery software against it, b DO NOT delete any of the fixed Hard Disk Drives or CD. Or maybe did you assign the drive letter to. Hard drive when I connect the.

Assign drive letter to portable hard drive
USBDLM is a Windows service that gives control over Windows drive letter assignment for USB drives. portable hard drive). drives assign a letter from.
Assign drive letter to portable hard drive
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