Walkthrough for paper mario sticker star 4-3

Paper Mario: Sticker Star - Secret Door Locations

burnhammer, here you will find another HP-Up heart. Shiny POW Block Sticker post World 3-10 Reveal this secret door in the. It's beside the second pool, there are two trees with health pickups. Shiny Fire Flower, instead of using your hammer on the big red flower, coins World 3-9 In the second area, you'll need to use the Radiator Sticker at the top-right portion of the area and find the door in the southwest area. Below the poison gas. Tape, go between them and head north. Newspaper World 4-1 This door is nutritional hidden under the central slope. Baahammer, chillhammer, shiny Ice Flower, walk behind it and to the right you will find a secret hole in the wall.

Walkthrough for paper mario sticker star 4-3

Head up Wiggler's house. On the second floor you will see a door outline on the right side of the room. Once you get a blue door sticker only available at world 3-6, paperise the room and place it over the door outline. STAR _426 - World 1-6: Goomba Fortress. STAR _427 World 2. STAR _43 - World 2-1: Drybake Desert. STAR _431 - World 2-2: Yoshi Sphinx. STAR _432 - World 2-3: Sandshifter Ruins. Sit on the chair and share a hot cup of tea with the former steward toad to recieve an HP-Up heart. From the main area with the piece of the sticker comet, head towards the right exit. Squirt Gun World 2-1. The top of the back side of the pyramid, where the secret door hides, is accessible near the end of the level. Car Battery World 2-2 Once you find the Sphinx after exiting the pipe, go the north edge of the Sphinx on the other side, to. STAR _4412 - World 3-11: Holey Thicket. STAR _4413 - World 3-12: Whitecap Beach. STAR _4414 World 4. STAR _45 - Surfshine Harbor. STAR _451 - World 4-1: Snow Rise. STAR _452 - World 4-2: Ice Flow. Basin World 5-6 Return to this world after saving Kersti. Enter the pipe at the start, go to the elevator, ride it twice, and go west to the door. It should be on the fifth floor. This is the fourth entry in the series, and, in my opinion, undeniably the best. It was preceded by Paper Mario on the N64, then The Thousand-Year Door for the GameCube, and Super Paper Mario for the Wii.

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Walkthrough for paper mario sticker star 4-3
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