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keep the hard copies in report the aforementioned files. Print out hard copies that can be used as working documents as you assemble and record information. You will be amazed at how having such a timeline or calendar gives you a much better sense of control going forward! Make note of dates you would like to target for campus visits. 4. Look for common themes. Collect applications from colleges likely to be on your short list: It's never too early to begin what reviewing the forms themselves and becoming familiar with the requirements. 6. Begin imagining how you could address them. In addition, think about the key messages that you want to convey: Theme development in the application resume is important. While most applications will eventually be submitted online, the latter will help to keep the visual images of each campus sharper in your mind. Learn more about narrowing your choices. Make notes about the possibilities. Make sure you are familiar with the member lists for each application group as well as any additional filing requirements that might be articulated by the member colleges themselves.

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How to set up a college application

Identify the colleges on your developing short list that use either the Common Application or the Universal Application. Each application is used by "member" colleges as its own. As a result, you could find yourself completing the Common App or the UA once and submitting it to multiple schools. Using a wall-calendar on which you can map out the next six months, list all of the important dates that relate to the application process as well as those that relate to your school and personal life (such as special events, homecoming, school holidays, and exam schedules). 5. List the essay topics required by each school: Even if you are not ready to start writing essay drafts, it is important to become familiar with the questions you will need to address. Starting in the upcoming academic year, students applying to college through The Common Application will have the ability to express their gender identity in several ways including within the Profile page, optional free response text fie. Get more tips from the U.S. News college timeline guide. 2. Create a college spreadsheet: This should reference key information for each of the colleges to which you are likely to apply. One of the biggest mistakes students make as they apply for admission is they allow their credentials to appear as a set of randomly assembled documents. Your job is to eliminate the randomness that might be associated with your application. Don't worry about making it look professional. Do make it complete, though, and, as you do so, give priority to activities and events that have been most meaningful to you. The important take-away will be the exercise itself, as it will help you develop a broader sense of the talking points. The spreadsheet should show requirements, fees, deadlines, and any other descriptive information (size, location, cost, etc.) you think is important. Having all of this information on one form can prove to be a powerful visual aid as you manage information and, ultimately, make critical distinctions between schools. The following steps will make it easier to manage the application process later in the school year without taking too much of a bite out of your summer regimen. Learn more about starting your college applications.

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How to set up a college application
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