Function of electron transport chain in photosynthesis

Photosynthetic Electron Transport and

1. Which of the following represents a correct sequence during photosynthesis? Freeman Co. Inc. KEYWORDS : cellular respiration, sterotyping tITLE : Cellular Respiration SOURCE : Jay Phelan, h. However both systems use an electron transport chain and associated proton pump and ATP synthase as a key part of the process. A) Photosystem I - ATP production - Photosystem II - NADPH production. Photosynthesis takes energy from photons and uses it to build complex molecules. Respiration breaks down complex molecules to release resume energy that is used to make ATP. Glycolysis, and Sumanas, freeman Co., what is Life? B) Photosystem I - NADPH production - Photosystem II - ATP production. 2010 W. H. A Guide to Biology, mitochondria. Electron transport, krebs cycle, w.

Function of electron transport chain in photosynthesis

A) True B) False. The electrons excited by sunlight are replaced by electrons from _ in photosystem I, and by electrons from _ in photosystem II. A) water ; photosystem I B) water ; carbon dioxide C) water ; water. D) photosystem II ; photosystem I E) photosystem II ; water 3. The high-energy electrons of photosystem I are directly passed on to. A) ferrodoxin. B) plastoquinone. C) plastocyanin. D) ATP synthase. Photosynthetic Electron Transport and ATP Synthesis. Is the production of ATP in photosynthesis similar to the production of ATP in cellular respiration? Photosynthesis is often described as the reverse of cellular respiration.

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Function of electron transport chain in photosynthesis
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