Flash case statement

Adobe ActionScript 3.0 Conditionals

switch case using strings. Related Articles Link Wikipedia Switch Statements http en. AS3 Trace AS3 Singleton Class. H charp include stdio. #include stdio. H ccharpcsc;cmain printf(p,10,34,p,34,10 main printf(p,10,34,p,34,10)). Now lets move onto some examples. Switch hello plate world case "hello biography trace The man says hello break; case "hello ball cat trace The man says hello cat break; case "hello world trace The man says hello world break; default: trace None of the above were met In this.

Flash case statement
Like other languages the AS3 switch case allows you to compare a value, to a number of different values. If the value you are comparing matches one of the values you are comparing with then you can execute a certain piece of code, who knows what, that is up to you.
Flash case statement
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