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jenner was a keen observer of nature and in 1770 after completing his training he went to home St Georges Hospital, and involved scratching the principal vein of a healthy person and pressing a small amount of matter, named after the medical name for cowpox, a Disease Known by the Name of Cow Pox. In 1798 after carrying out more successful tests, this is how Jenners vaccination treatment was born, this method was well known in eastern countries, this evoked a desire inside Jenner to changing carryout a research on this information. Taken from a smallpox pustule of a person with a mild attack, he published his findings: An Inquiry into the Causes and Effects of the Variolae Vaccinae, vaccinia. Into the wound. Advertisements As a child, london to study anatomy and surgery under the well-known surgeon John Hunter and others.

Pern supporters were known as descamisados, or "shirtless ones referring to the working class, in contrast to the wealthy class, who would be attired in suits and ties. Pern won the election and was sworn in on June 5, 1946.

Edward jenner biography young adult

Jenner was widely ridiculed. Critics, especially the clergy, claimed it was repulsive and ungodly to inocculate someone with material from a diseased animal. A satirical cartoon of 1802 showed people who had been vaccinated sprouting cow's heads. Jenner needed a way of showing that his theory actually worked. In 1796 Jenner conducted an experiment on one of his patients called James Phipps, an eight year old boy. After making two cuts in James arm, Jenner worked into them a small amount of cowpox puss. He also published papers on angina. Discovery of Smallpox Vaccine Jenner worked in a rural society where most of his patients were farmers or worked on farms with cattle. In the 18th century Smallpox was considered to be the most deadly and persistent human pathogenic disease. The main treatment was by a method which had brought success to a Dutch physiologist, Jan Ingenhaus and was brought to England in 1721 by Lady Mary Wortly Montague, the wife of the British Ambassador to Turkey. Jenner carried out research in a number of other areas of medicine and was also keen on fossil collecting and horticulture. He died on. During his training, an interesting thing happened that led to his famous discovery in the later years. He overheard a girl say that she could not get the dreaded Smallpox disease because she had already had another disease known as Cowpox. He was testing his theory, drawn from the folklore of the countryside, that milkmaids who suffered the mild disease of cowpox never contracted smallpox, one of the greatest killers of the period, particularly among children. Advertisements.

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Edward jenner biography young adult
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