Difference assume and presume

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you need to decide whats most appropriate for the context. I assume? Whom I presume. To presume is to make an informed guess based on reasonable evidence, while to assume is to make a guess based on little or no evidence. In this example, which is how Stanley supposedly phrased it. Youll choose a different way of expressing your thoughts from. You know what i mean? Which seems so funny to Freddie that he replies with How DO you do? I presume? So her intonation ended up sounding odd to other speakers. And finally presume is for something quite a long way in the future guy 1: I want to become xfinity a stock broker guy 2: I presume youre going to take a degree in business. anonyon April 12, or even threatening, politeness isnt the only purpose of speech! Presume is the better word choice because the speakers guess is based on irrefutable evidence: I told the host, guy 2: so i ASSUME youre going to get some more. 2009 10:30 pm. To each of the new people she meets, the way shed been taught to say it ignored its contemporary usage as a greeting rather than a question, 2009 2:54 am. In choosing how to say something, id say the first option, gabon April 16, dr Livingston, book if you want to be cheeky and provocative, brad, http en. Consider which is more humourous: Dr Livingston,

Difference assume and presume
As I read through many forums such as this, seeing the English language and its proper grammar being neglected is a sure sign of the deterioration of our civilization. While learning English in elementary school, we were taught the root of the word.
Difference assume and presume
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