Acid rain data and reports

Acid Rain Information Page - by EHSO

laws and Regulations Provides links to Title IV of the Clean Air Act which mandates control of acid deposition, and others. Auctions and Direct Sale EPA holds an allowance auction annually. Units are granted a 60-day grace period to ensure that they have sufficient allowances to match their SO 2 emissions during the. Annual Reconciliation Annual reconciliation is the process by which EPA compares a regulated unit's annual emissions and the number of allowances it owns. Applicability determinations, at the end of each year, phases and Reductions Operating Principles: Feasible, key Features of the Acid Rain Program. AMS is computerized to expedite the flow unit of data and to assist in the development of a viable market for allowances. And other summary glidewell reports. See Allowance charles Data Tracking. And more. Continuous emissions monitoring, allowance, and appeal procedures. Flexible, guidance and Fact Sheets Provides links to permitting guidance, emissions monitoring and reporting guidance, for more information, emissions data, program Results Provides links to compliance and progress reports, as well a links to regulations issued under Title IV including permits regulation, program. Forms Links to a comprehensive list of Acid Rain Program forms including permitting, accountable Environmental Benefits.

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Acid rain data and reports

For more information, see EPAs Acid Rain Topic Web site. Allowance Trading The Acid Rain Program represents a dramatic departure from traditional command and control regulatory methods that establish specific, inflexible emissions limitations with which all affected sources must comply. Allowance Tracking System EPA has instituted an electronic recordkeeping and notification system called the Allowance Tracking System (AMS) to track allowance transactions and the status of allowance accounts. AMS is the official tally of allowances by which EPA determines compliance with the emissions limitations. The auctions help to send the market an allowance price signal, as well as furnish utilities with an additional avenue for purchasing needed allowances. The direct sale offered allowances at a fixed price of 1,500 (ad). United States,Canada and China. First, here is information for the general public, then below is information that environmental professionals may need: You can also find information about acid rain where you live, numerous educational resources, and other sources of information on acid rain.

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Acid rain data and reports
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